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The LMMD-T modulator is a professional equipment designed to drive DVB-T VHF/UHF converters, with IF output.

Basic configuration provides two ASI inputs with autoswitch. A software option for remultiplexing the transport input, including SFN adapter, can be activated.
A common interface module to decode encrypted transport streams can be activated on the ASI input.

The equipment is managed with a bundle software through an USB or LAN port.
An HTTP server is available on the LAN interface, to allow a local or remote management by means of a browser interface through an IP connection.

The receiver comes with 8 on/off type telecontrol signals (4 opto-coupled inputs and 4 relay outputs), fully software programmable.


Technical specifications :
General specifications:
Cooling :  Forced air
Power supply : 230 Vac ± 15%, 47 / 63 Hz
Power consumption :  Max 50 W
Dimensions : 483mm(W) x 500mm(L) x 44mm(H)
Weight : 4,5 Kg
Working temperature : -5 ÷+45 °C
Working humidity : Max 90% not condensed

Input specifications (ASI):

Input signal : MPEG-2 T.S. ASI format
Input level : 800 mV (±10%)
Input selection : 1, 2, autoswitch
Input connector: Female BNC
Input impedance :  75

Modulation specifications:

Modulation : OFDM
Carrier modulation : QPSK, 16 QAM, 64 QAM
IFFT : 2k and 8k
Guard interval : 1/4,  1/8,  1/16,  1/32
Code Rate :  1/2,  2/3,  3/4,  5/6,  7/8
Modulation bandwidth:   5MHz, 6MHz, 7MHz, 8MHz
Test functions :  CW mode and null-packets  Stream
Null-packet deletion :  Integrated
PID filtering: Integrated
PCR restamping : Integrated

Output specifications:
Output frequency : 36,15 MHZ
(other frequencies available on-demand)
Output level : -20
÷0 dBm
Output impedance : 50
Output connector : female BNC

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