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La Micromega is an italian company operating for over 20 years in the area of telecommunications, having television broadcasting as its core trade.

Business is diversified in three major areas:

  • Microwaves and radio frequencies: design and production of complete transmission and reception equipment as well as single devices (RF boards, power amplifier...)

  • General-purpose electronics: design and production of fully custom electronic devices (data acquiring boards, control systems...)

  • General services: technical support to private and public TV broadcaster stations, setup of wireless networks,test and commissioning of transmitter and receiver units , TV broadcast sites projects.

After a long experience of analogic television transmission by producing mid-power transmitters and receivers, as well as analogic microwave bridges, the company moved on as digital transmission technology appeared.
That's why we can propose a DVB-T digital transmission system which flexibility (essentially every CAM/SFN/ DVB-S/DVB-S2/Multistream receiver option can be realized), performances (e.g. MER>40 dB) and competitive price are its distinctive trademarks.
Also related software and firmware are developed internally, so they are exclusive ownership of the company

La Micromega can moreover offer hi-precision measuring services on-demand, through its development lab equipped with state-of-the-art RF. microwave and low frequency meausering instruments.

Finally, the company operates in the commercial trade of designing and distributing DVB-T and DVB-S equipment on behalf of other private companies.

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